Custom Designs

Have the diamonds or gemstones in your ring, necklace or bracelet fallen out and become lost? We are able to assist with sourcing and setting replacement stones for your special piece.

We pride ourselves in our stone matching expertise to ensure a high quality jewellery repair and understand the great sentimental value of your jewellery to take the utmost care with all our repairs.


Simon’s Jewellery’s gemologists use their decades of experience and state of the art equipment to assess a piece’s value.

Most valuations are for insurance purposes and peace of mind. Insurance companies require an updated valuation to be done every 2 years in order to fully cover your precious pieces. Most insurance companies as part of their home and contents insurance policies will insure unspecified jewellery items up to a total value of approximately $5,000 and a maximum value of each item of approximately $1,500. You should ensure you retain a copy of your proof of purchase and photographs of your items as part of your records.

Watch and Jewellery Repairs

Simons Jewellery offers watch servicing and overhauls for mechanical and quartz watches. We recommend you service a mechanical watch every two to five years to ensure accurate timekeeping. We can also restore vintage watches, which can be very valuable if cared for properly. Your watch is will be serviced to ensure the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid.

If your jewellery becomes damaged through wear and tear or incidentally, we can restore your item to its original beauty including replacing diamonds and gemstones, repairing settings and claws and reattaching broken chains.

Jewellery Insurance Claims

Loss or theft of jewellery or watches is a distressing and unfortunate occurrence, one which we hope you never encounter. If you do experience loss of any items, Simon’s Jewellery hopes to make this difficult time a little easier. If you need to make a claim for any lost or stolen pieces, we can work directly with your insurance company or assessor to replace your lost items to save you time and stress.

Custom Designs

We love working with our customers to bring their custom jewellery designs to life. Whether it is a personally designed engagement ring for your upcoming proposal or a beautiful necklace to compliment an evening gown, we have a team of jewellers ready to work with you.

To design your perfect engagement ring, you will meet with our team to put your ideas into a design. A diamond or gemstone will be hand-selected and set into your design by our jewellers.

Refinishing and Rhodium Plating

Over time, jewellery can lose its lustre and brilliance due to wear and tear and exposure to chemical  products. This is especially true of white gold, which will naturally dull over time due to the way it is made. Simons Jewellers offer refinishing and rhodium plating to return jewellery to it’s original condition.

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